5th Street Arcades -- Cleveland, Ohio 2013-2015

5th Street Arcades

Dimit Architects worked with Cumberland Development to rebrand and redevelop the 5th Street Arcades.

The 5th Street Arcades is comprised of two unique architectural landmarks, the Colonial Arcade which was built in 1898 and the Euclid Arcade, constructed in 1911. In 2000, the two arcades were linked when a historic hotel atop the Colonial Arcade was renovated and reopened.

A strategy was created to break up the monotony of the existing arcades and create a unified space with a new “messy vitality.” This included updates to the physical attributes of the storefronts as well as how they were branded and reprogrammed to reflect local flavor.

The updated 5th Street Arcade embraced the feel of an urban street through storefront modifications, furniture layout, lighting redesign, landscaping and signage updates. The central food court was renovated to better engage each arcade, transforming it into a comfortable and attractive space. The Arcade’s common areas were softened with seating and area rugs to allow users to gather for a variety of events.

Sidewalk cafe seating was introduced to make the exterior zones on Euclid and Prospect Avenues more inviting. The new seating worked in conjunction with new exterior landscaping, railings, lighting and awnings to increase foot traffic in the busy downtown location.

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