Uptown Triangle Tower 1 & 2: Retail Renovation - Cleveland, Ohio 2011-2012

Uptown Triangle Tower 1 & 2

The retail spaces of the Triangle Towers 1 & 2, owned by Case Western Reserve University, were renovated for updated uses as part of University Circle Inc.’s transformative Uptown District Development. Constructed during the 1980’s, the ground floor retail spaces of Triangle Tower 2 needed updates to front the new pedestrian “alley” that serves as a focal point of the Uptown district.

The renovation of the Triangle 2 retail spaces included an addition on the north face which enlarged retail lease space, added outdoor dining space, increased visibility and expanded the ground floor facades. A key aspect of the renovation was the creation of a new pedestrian passageway through the Tower 2 building, linking the parking areas to the south with the new pedestrian alley.

A retail renovation of Triangle Tower 1 followed the Triangle Tower 2 project, with similar facade upgrades, outdoor dining space additions and ground floor retail lease space expansion. The Triangle Tower 1 retail facades complement those of Triangle Tower 2 in a way that provides a consistent and fresh architectural character, and further integrates the two towers into the Uptown district. The projects were completed in 2012.

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