As a key component of University Circle’s Uptown Development, Case Western Reserve Universities’ Triangle Tower 2 apartment building defines the southern edge of the Uptown district. Constructed during the 1980’s, the ground floor retail spaces of Triangle Tower 2 needed updates, especially since the spaces front the new pedestrian “alley” that will serve as the focal point of the Uptown district. The renovation of the Triangle 2 retail spaces includes an addition on the north face which enlarges retail lease space, adds outdoor dining space, increases visibility and expands the ground floor facades. The planned renovations will help the Uptown district become more cohesive overall by integrating Triangle Tower 2 into the overall new development. A key aspect of the renovation is the creation of a new pedestrian passageway through the existing Tower 2 building linking the parking areas to the south with the new pedestrian alley. Also included in the renovation scope are updates for the residential lobby interior and the passageway entrance façade which fronts the southern parking areas. The project is currently under construction with completion expected by late spring of 2012.

As a follow-up phase to the Triangle Tower 2 renovation, the Case Western Reserve University Triangle Tower 1 retail renovation includes upgrades to the existing residential lobby and expansion of retail lease spaces on the ground floor. Planned renovations will also include a new ground floor addition with new access lobby and retail facades, as well as new outdoor dining space. The new Triangle Tower 1 retail facades will correspond with the new Triangle Tower 2 facades providing a consistent and fresh architectural character, and further integrating the two towers into the Uptown district.