Ohio City Transit-Oriented Development Project - Cleveland, Ohio

Ohio City Transit-Oriented Development Project

The West 25th Street Transit-Oriented Development Plan (TOD) provides a strategy for making Cleveland’s Regional Transit Authority’s (RTA) W. 25th Street Station more connected to the Market District neighborhood in Cleveland’s Ohio City district. Connections occur through land use modifications, a revised transportation network, bicycle and pedestrian access, new streetscape and gateway treatments and station area improvements. The current proposal studies new mixed-use and residential developments within the TOD area, a reconfiguration of access to the West Side Market parking lot, and the development of RTA-owned land along Columbus Road south of Abbey Avenue and adjacent to the railroad tracks. The proposed redevelopment of Market Square Plaza would make a more pronounced street presence along Lorain Avenue, and continue the momentum of growth occurring along W. 25th Street. The first phase of the study was completed in 2012.

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