Kies-Murfey House Restoration - Cleveland, Ohio 2002-2003

Kies-Murfey House

The Kies-Murfey House was constructed in 1871 as the primary residence for a railroad executive and his family. Over the years, this Italianate brick mansion had been used as a machine shop and coffee warehouse until purchased by the Chesler Group, Inc. in 2001. During the subsequent renovation, a single-story concrete block addition at the front of the building was removed, and the original entry porch and canopy were reconstructed. All of the wood windows, trim, and sashes were re-created or repaired, and the elaborate upper cornice was restored bringing back much of the mansion’s former glory.

The interior of the mansion was updated as well, with the installation of a new egress stairway, elevator, and code-compliant mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Three separate office lease spaces were created, and many of the vintage details were restored, including the original pin-nailed oak flooring and grand entry stair.

Project Role: Scott Dimit was Principal Designer and Project Architect for this project while working with GSI Architects, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio

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